The Zombie Walk ! Feeding The Unwanted Street Children and Homless Families

The Zombie Walks 2018 ( Streets of Manila )

We humbly invite you to inspire a child in the Philippines.

There so many unwanted, alone, and desperate children and homeless families living on the streets of Manila.

You ask why? Not by their choice. Unwanted children are thrown out by their family members.

So many homeless families who have struggled and lost their place to live do to one situation or another.

You might ask does the Government help them. Yes and No.

The government is still try’s very hard even todays standards. But, Even the government  still does not do enough to abolish poverty.

This is why we do what we can with our zombie walks.

What is a Zombie walk? Let me show you.





As you can see by the photo’s we take our time to feed. cloth, give toys and inspire the children and their families that there is hope and to inspire them by true charity. Most of the people are a sleep when we show up. We just assess the children try to give them clean clothes, a good meal. So when they wake up they don’t know who or where it came from but it is what I like to say a true act of charity.

Do you want to help? Inspire a child ?

How can you help?

Please donate to our zombie walk.

We need so much.

Unwanted children’s clothes, shoes, flip flops used blankets, towels and so much more. 

If you are in the Las Vegas Area we can pick up your donations in the Southern California Area we can pick up but on limited dates.

Your can also contact Our charity manager in the Philippines Ms. Therry Alpa in Manila at the address Below.

Please contact me at

Philippine Educational Charities USA

C/O Michael David Lampkin

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV. 89128 USA

Landline: (805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206

Want to help? Please buy a book on our Ebay site: (  )

All sales goes to finance this wonderful way to help these children

In the Philippines:

Philippine Educational Charities RP

c/o Therry Alpa ( Charity Manager)

36 Mabitoan St. MASAMBONG,



Cell : 09276304541 / Land Line: (02) 9851941


Please Help any way you can.