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Donating Sports Equipment for children

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Please donate your unwanted sports equipment.

 Philippine Educational Charities along with helping in education, we also feel physical education should also be a priority to help not just the mind grow stronger but the body.


We need your unwanted soccer balls, basket balls, American foot balls, tennis racquets and balls, baseball bats and balls, volleyball’s and nets, Books or rules or the games. Coaching books, Any old  sports clothing for kids age 5 to 14.

Anything you can donate to help the children of the Philippines will help us help them achieve not just academically but physically and give them the confidence they so need in this world.

The Photo’s below were the fist time I sent used sports equipment. This one school had no sports equipment before. now they have some and the children use them every day. Even have created a small playing team. Something as simple as a ball can inspire a child to want to achieve. Please donate today.


The last box in 2009 I sent had a bunch of sports equipment. Here are the kids enjoying the donated equipment.



A teacher with a used Tennis racquet teaching the children how to play.



















Philippine Educational Charities USA

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Landline: ( 805) 201-2054

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