Sponsoring a box of books to the school of your choice

We have a surplus supply of donated ex-library books from school here in the Las Vegas Area. These books are just sitting because we lack the financial ability to ship them to the schools we wish to send to.

Would you like to sponsor a regular box of books to a school in the Philippines? You can also sponsor a regular box of books to a school of your choice in the area in the Philippines you would like to ship to. Certain Areas, islands and parts of Mindanao we can not ship to. Please emails me with the area you are wanting to ship to.

Books are a combination of reading, educational,literature and some U.S. History reading books donated from a few public schools here in Oxnard California. I am sorry there is not a list that we can send you. It is a variety of different books and we do not take requests for certain books to be shipped to certain schools.

To sponsor a box regular balikbayan box with about 100 to 150 plus books sent to the school of your choice is $90.00 usd.This includes shipping, the box and taking to the shipping company. P.E.C. does not make money from this.

We only ship books to schools not private book dealers or stores. The box when sponsored will be shipped directly to the school of your choice and presented to the school principal that you the donor had sponsored the books for them. Your name address and and information you request to be sent will be sent inside the box. The shipping information and the company and invoice number will be sent to you once we have shipped the box.


2 boxes of books we shipped to Victoria’s North North Elementary school



Just a small sample of a few types of books donated to P.E.C. and donated to a school.


Please sponsor a box of books. The children of the Philippines will love them.


If you would like to sponsor a box just click on the paypal link below. You do not need to be a paypal member to pay Thur Paypal.

We also except U.S. Based checks, money orders and international money orders in U.S. Dollar amount made to ” Philippine Educational Charities “

Send to:

Philippine Educational Charities

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV 89128 USA

Landline: (805) 201-2051

Cell: (805) 302-9206