Philippine Childrens Medical Center Party of Life 2019

 We Humbly invite you to celebrate The Lives of the children of the Philippines. The children who are fighting a desperate battle for their lives. Most are and will loose this battle. It is sad but very true. We struggled with how we can help them. Yes If our charity has Millions of dollar’s We can change lives but the reality is in this world cultures charities are not so trusted with fund they receive. We thought of the best way to celebrate their  Lives. A party of life.

What is a Part of life?

Let me show you:

This is why we do this. To change a child\s life even for 5 hours. Does this fix their cancer? No! I am sorry to say that but for 5 hours they are a kid again. To live a time that they can forget they are sick, But they remember they are a kid. To remember a time or fun, love and, happiness.

Please join us. Donate anything. If you want to donate finances contact me.


Philippine Educational Charities

C/O Michael D, Lampkin

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 U.S.A.

Landline: (805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206