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July 12th, 2013  1pm

Party of Life, Giveing hope to children with cancer.

Philippine Childrens Medical Center

Quezon City Philippines

Join us on this special day. We humbly request any food, snack, juices, coloring books, Crayons and more.

If you are on facebook please fallow this link and join us: https://www.facebook.com/ukflyboy1969?ref=tn_tnmn#!/events/269286599870887/.

Contact:  Therry Alpa 09228385996 our official pec number is 9851941 office number


Deacember, 2013

Victorias North Elementary

Victorias city, Negros Occidental Philippines

2nd annual Gift giving Event and party for underprivliged children

To join us or donating for this Event .

Please contact Michael D, Lampkin at (805) 201-2054

Brosix Feraer Valenciano Jr. at 011639187550252

 or Milyn Dimzon Lozano 011639281445432



Pen and Pencil for poor Filipino School Children. RealLIfe Column. The News Today. www.iloilonewstoday.com

by Dolly Palisada on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 6:51pm

Pen and Pencil for poor Filipino School Children

Real Life Column                     

The News Today


Muntinlupa City, Alabang— “Michael!” “Michael!” “Michael!”


It was nine in the morning. Humid and dry: it’s the onset of summer. In Metro Manila,

the place is alight with anticipation of the hot season. Meanwhile, the chanting was getting louder and louder soon as we get off the cab. The boxy-taxi chose the shortcut as per instruction of our guide by driving along the local train tracks. Now, we needed to speed off unless of course we wanted to be “divided” by the old train coming from the opposite direction.  But it never showed up anyway. Thankfully, we arrived in one piece.


“Michael!” “Michael!” “Michael!” and the chanting continued as if they were waiting for a celebrity or the President or maybe Manny Pacquiao.


Yes, there they were—beaming. Small faces plastered with genuine smiles. Kids piled up the street with much fervor that some of them were still in their pajamas and some were clutching stuffed toys and most of them in bare feet. The more than seventy children of No. 7- Ilaya community of Muntinlupa City had their early Christmas presents on April 2, 2011.


Santa Michael


When the boxes and bags full of school supplies where unloaded from the taxi and everybody were settled under a tree in one of the houses, the children surrounded Michael. He was the present day Santa to them (not that he looks like him, but every white guy who gives presents to Filipino children are considered one).


Jamie del Rosario and the rest of the volunteers in the community prepared a short program for Michael. Elementary aged children show-cased their musical talents in dancing and singing with the help of a blasting karaoke system on the side. They danced with gusto in Kesha’s Tik Tok and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. After the glee part, Michael made a speech. His voice was obviously overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation in seeing the positive reaction of every child in that moment. He said, “I’ve been to a lot of gift giving activities before but every time I am in the Philippines, with these kids in front of me, their enthusiasm and appreciation are what keeps me going. I have to pursue my goal for the Philippine school children.”


What is PEC?


In 2005, his first visit to the country of his wife Charrie Ann—a Filipino nurse, he learned the realities of under funded elementary schools in the country particularly in the province of Negros Occidental where his wife came from. In Victorias City, a cousin in-law was one of the teachers in Victorias North Elementary School. Ms. Sharon Mentor detailed the difficult situation a child goes through his school days without enough school supplies to sustain him all year round. This breaks Michael’s heart knowing that in the United States where he is from, books and other basic school materials are easy to have, easy to dispose of.


In that instance, Michael realized the possibility of being the key person to unlock the door of disarray in elementary schools in the Province of Negros Occidental or in any part of the Philippines that may need donations of school supplies from the United States.


Back in Oxnard, California, Michael Lampkin, together with his wife and 5 year old son David, started their Pen and Pencil campaign and collected ample stuff. From second hand books, pens, pencils, crayons, school bags, laptops, computer towers: basically all school materials that other people didn’t need anymore. “I was asking everyone I know at work or in my community, in Facebook or my passengers in the bus everyday for anything that can be used in school that their kids don’t need. Just anything that the  school children can use. That’s what I told them and suddenly donors came pouring in,” Michael revealed. “I had been doing it for a couple of years until the charity became officially a non-profit organization based in California. The Philippine Educational Charity or PEC’s long term goal is to help every school children in the Philippines with enough school supplies for the whole year and the years to come. That’s our goal,” Michael said with conviction.


Pen and Pencil Drive and Feeding Program


In March 31, 2011, Michael and his son David arrived in the Philippines for the third time–but with a twist here and there. In a nearby hotel, a Pen and Pencil drive was going on. From the airport, Michael proceeded to the venue where a number of donors were waiting for him. One of them was Lorraine Maningo who came all the way from Baguio City, a 6-hour drive to Manila. Meanwhile, the crew of GMA News TV was already on standby for his scheduled interview right there. Finally, the day ended with a successful first PEC activity that earned the charity more than a thousand pens and pencils, a balikbayan box stuffed with all kinds of school materials that came all the way from Doha, Qatar.


The morning after, NBN TV Channel 4, a government owned station placed Michael on a live program interview over its morning show, One Morning. It was an instant hit garnering a number of hits in its website at www.philedcharities.org.


That Saturday as well, Michael and a few volunteers came to Muntinlupa City to officially hand over the items to the chosen community beneficiary of the Pen and Pencil Drive in Metro Manila. It was here that Michael promised himself to pursue his feeding program when he saw skinny kids around. In fact, the bagful of school supplies given to the children included one muffin each for those who were present. Jamie said some children were thankful for the muffins– it was their first food for the day.


April 3, Sunday was the day ABSCBN Network scheduled Michael for a live interview in their cable news center, ANC, hosted by Stanley Palisada and Lia Andanar-Yu over Dateline News Sunday. The program is broadcasted globally over The Filipino Channel (TFC). The interview hoped to inform Filipino communities abroad that PEC is one venue they can send their donations for in relation to the uplifting of educational needs of poor elementary school children in the Philippines.


That same day, over the program “Good News” in GMA News TV, Michael’s first interview came out. After the airing of the program, calls poured in, pledges as well.

In summary, Michael’s trip to the Philippines gained him ground to make the Filipinos aware of the existence of PEC and its various activities in the country.


“I’m a bus driver of Gold Coast transit in California who is sincere in my passion to help the Filipino kids. I’m not rich, not poor but my heart is abundantly blessed with friends who are constantly helping me in anyway they can,” Michael declared. “I want to mention Arie Sachs who is the PEC’s VP for Operations in the USA. Malcolm Conlan is UK based and in charge of donations there. Volunteers in the Philippines like Jamie del Rosario, Edward Camat, Laarni Gueta and Hedy Tan are among the few I met in Facebook and became instant friends-volunteer. You see, we are not paid at all. We don’t accept money as donations but if people donate money, we buy school supplies to give out to schools,” reasoned Michael. “The recent feeding program in Victorias City made my heart skip as I saw children in bad shape but after they ate I was overflowed with joy as I saw them smile. Feeding 230 kids with soup and bread for as little as P1,500.00 (USD 30) is all we need to make them smile. My trip to the Philippines is priceless!”


In Bacolod City, Michael was interviewed twice by ABS-CBN News. His successful Pen and Pencil Drive held at the Robinson’s Place in April 9, 2011 garnered thousands of assorted school materials including books and rubber slippers. Michael’s plan is to donate what he gathered to the recently burned classrooms of Daan Banha Elementary School in Victorias City where four classrooms caught fire.


Philippine Educational Charities Manila


Donations for PEC in Manila maybe dropped at its temporary office at No. 11-A Soriano Street, Lazaro-Soriano Homes, Project 8, Quezon City. For inquiries, you may call or fax at 02-456-4191. You may also add Michael David Lampkin on Facebook or email him at midala40@yahoo.com. Donate now to sustain the needs of poor school children in the Philippines. Help PEC gather one million pencils this year and let the Filipino Bayanihan spirit lives on.


Bayanihan Stories and more are included in a soon to be released book, Bayanihan Leadership—A True Filipino Leadership Trait written by yours truly. Drop me a note at dm.palisada@gmail.com.