Welcome to Philippine Educational Charities Feeding program page. Our organization feels besides feeding the mind with education we should also feed the body with nutrition to allow the mind to absorb education.

Without nutrition the body can not work. Sadly this is not always the case for many children here in the Philippines. Many children go to school hungry and end up leaving school to go home to try and find food. Many families are to poor to feed their children.

This is why I have created this page. Our organization want to help all school feeding programs as well as many community feeding programs. 

On this page you will see how only $60.00 can feed 230 children. It is not a joke. The diet is a soup called (Arisgaldo) it is a rice soup with chicken and vegetables. Also bread called ( Pandesal) and even a little sweet candy.

Please join us in helping these children have the nutrition we receive in your own schools. 100% of the money raised go to help school feeding programs. None of the money is used in the operation of running P.E.C.

Please donate today.


charity  do nation pics 038

This Founder Michael Lampkin with parents and children in the area we are having our feeding program.

charity  do nation pics 055

  Children lining up to be fed holding anything that will hold  food.

charity  do nation pics 056

A hungry small boy waiting his turn to have food .

charity  do nation pics 057

Founder Michael Lampkin Feeding the children .

charity  do nation pics 061

Children being fed.

charity  do nation pics 068

Children eating their soup and bread.

charity  do nation pics 082

Many children enjoying their meal. In many cases this maybe their only meal of the day.

charity  do nation pics 084

Our Mission is done. A smiling child after eating. Full stomic and very happy. What about tomarrow ? Can we keep helping. Only with your help.

charity  do nation pics 087

I want to thank this group of teachers that opened my eyes to the the children of this community. I now know that Feeding hunger and feeding the mind with education goes hand and hand.



Please donate today  and  help hungry children of The Philippines. We are  in Negros Occidental but we  are  and will be   also starting to help in areas in Luzon and  will be  trying to creat  programs  in other areas  and  soon  Mindanao. Please donate  any  amount. 100%  of  money donated  will  be used  for  our feeding  program.


 We accept ” PAYPAL”  U.S. Based  checks in USD,International Money  orders in USD ,made out to ” Philippine Educational Charities “

Send  payments  to: P.E.C.


Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV 89128 U.S.A.

Land line: (805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206