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1. Philippine Educational Charities is a 501 (c) (3) ( Non for Profit ) recognised by  U. S. Federal Government.

2. Philippine Educational Charities is a U.S. Based charity.

3. Philippine Educational Charities does not pay anyone who works or volunteers for us.

4. Any money donated to our Organization goes to either buying school supplies ( Pens, pencils, colored pens and markers, Crayons, lined paper, and more.) or is used to ship to schools in the Philippines.

5. We are a Non-Financial Charity Meaning we do Not ask for finances but if donated we use to purchase school supplies.


Questions & Answers:

Q: What is Philippine Educational Charities?

A: We are a U.S. Based 501 (c) (3) Non for Profit.


Q: What does Philippine Educational Charities do?

A: Philippine Educational Charities is an organization that helps Schools, Teachers, and children in the Philippines with school supplies ( Pens, Pencils, colored markers, Pens, Pencils, crayons and much more. ) Please look at our school supplies list on our web site for complete items we are needing.


Q: How does P.E.C. receive it’s donation of school supplies?

A: We receive our donations from people who truly believe in our organization and want to help.


Q: Does P.E.C receive donations from Businesses and corporations ?

A: Yes we have had received some and we are so thankful that these companies who trust us, believe in what we stand for  and feel they can donate to our organization.


Q: I am Interested in donating to P.E.C. but how can I make sure what I donate is being received by the schools?

A: That is a Good question. We as a small organization work very closely with the Philippine Department of Education and the schools in the areas we are helping.  Before anything is shipped we inventory every box and submit it in the box and we have a copy of what is sent and where it has gone.  We also take Photos of it for controls. Once the box arrives to the school it is inventoried again and checked against the sent list. Then the list is sent back to us and the Department of Education receives the inventory list as well.


Q: Can I contact the schools and ask them if they received what I sent ?

A: Yes we can try and find out where we sent what you donated but most of the time donations are given to many schools not just one school. But if we do know where your donation went and we have an email or Phone number for the school we can give it to you.


Q: How do I send my donation to you?

A: Go to our ” Donate & Contact ” section index on the left had side of the website and click it. We have three main address in the U.S. , U.K. , and the Philippines. You can send to the address that is closest  country to where you are.


Q: I am not near you or I am out of the country that any of your address are and I have a lot of stuff I want to donate. How would I send it to you?

A: If you have a lot of stuff you would like to donate and it would fill a small or very large box. I advise for you to search for a Filipino Market and see if they have what is called a balikbayan service  or if they know a Balikbayan service you can call and get shipping rates. Depending on the country and your area rates average from $68 USD to $175usd for a Jumbo Box. Smaller Boxes are cheaper and normally are unlimited weight.  Check with the shipping company in your area.


Q: I do not have anything to send you, but I want to help. Do you except financial donations and how do i send ?

A: You can click on our Paypal button and submit an amount and pay with your credit card. ( You do not need a Paypal account to to donate to P.E.C. ) If you do not have a Credit card  or do not feel safe sending money via Paypal we also except Money orders and International Money orders in USD.  Please send to the address in the U.S.A. ONLY!!! ( Please Do Not Send cash. ) Money orders are made out to: Philippine Educational Charities


These are just a few question you may have. Please email P.E.C. at: Bluesbooks@hotmail.com  if you have any other questions.

Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV, 89128 U.S.A.

Land line: (805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206