********P.E.C. Donors********

Thank you to all our hero’s who donated to Philippine Educational Charities.

If you have donated before and do not see your name please except my apologies.


Armida Martinez . Union City Ca ( Bulk of Pencils )

C. M. Grundy. Trinidad ( Bulk of Pencils )

Bob Binafard. Los Angeles, Ca. ( Bulk of School Supplies )

Pernille Datz. Irvine, Ca ( Bulk of Pencils )

Mark Muzi. Seattle WA ( Bulk of Pens,Pencils, & More)

Pat. Oxnard Ca ( pens,pencils,paper,books chalk & More)

Kathy Chaddick. Camarillo Ca. ( Bulk of pens )

Tyler Chaddick. Camarillo, Ca. ( Bulk of pens,pencils,text book & More)

David & Virginia Lampkin, Oxnard, Ca

Angela Bonds. Shelton, WA( Pens & Pencils )

S.M. Grey, San Jose, Ca (pens & Pencils )

Luisa Getalada & Mae Sotto, from Facebook (pens & Pencils )

Mr. & Mrs Michael Murphy, Mansfield OH ( Pens and pencils )

Maressa V. Silva, Los Angeles, Ca. ( Pens,pencils and school supplies)

Teddy Lim, Seattle,WA ( School supplies )

DENEB & ANTHONY ROMERO, South Gate Ca, ( Bulk of Pens & Pencils )

Mr. Frank J. Hine, Camarillo, Ca ( Used pens & Pencils )

Heidi Chicago, IL ( 40 children’s reading Books, and $20.00 for shipping)

Kat Iniba California, Bulk of pens and pencils

3/12/11 Wendy Lees Astoria, NY. Pens,Pencils, playing cards and book markers.

Jeffrey cologna Ewa Beach HI,

Malcolm Conlan, Bromley, Kent England

Jocelyn Bruce, Lauderdale Lakes, Fl.

Christopher Hopkins, Saint Joseph, Mo.

Melissa McKeown, Nathalia Victorias , Australia

Edith U Ortanez, Hockessin, DE.

Rhea & Arniel Haddad, Madrid Spain.

Elsa Edward , Oxnard, Ca.

Ms. H. Kott, N. Aura, ill, pens,pencils glue sticks, Erasers and Markers

Luisita Lim Sarasa donated $100 for our feeding program

Mr & Mrs. Smith Olando Fl, Used paens and pencils.

Andrea F. Burton, Danville Ca, Pens,Pecils, markers & highlighters

Unnamed Donor, HP , NC USA , Pens,pencils and More

D.Guan, Woodhaven, NY, pens, pencils, pencil case and writing pencils.

M. Viloria, Greenham OR USA, pens pencil, crayons,glue sticks and more.

Frank L. Norcross, Washington, DC USA, Pens, pencils and much more

Chito Amores, Pasadina, CA, Note book binders(MANY)

Shiori Yamamoto, Las Vegas, NV 80110 Pens

Lee Ann Keske, Stillwater, MN (Donation of pens, pencils, markers, pencilets)

Gail Cerezo Jacksonville Fl USA( Pen’s,pencils,mech pencils, load pencils and folders)

JoAnne Dobis ,Randolph, NJ( Pens and pencils) 11/04/2011

Armida Martinez Union City, Ca ( 100 Pencilets)

Gail Cerezo Jacksonville, FL (324 pens,86 prncils, 47 mechanical pencils)

Jeff Fennel Sebring, Fl 33876 ( Pens & Pencils)

Edwin Madera Teksbury, MA 01876 ( Pens & Pencils)

Pamela C Grant Ramsey, NJ 07446 6 pencils, 4 markers, 50 pens,2 rulers, 4 sisors,3 glue sticks, 3 clamps.

Bob & Joyce . Kaukauna, Wi 54130-1309. 300 pencils, 50 pens 1 bible, 1 spainish

Eugene Paulish Jr W. Hollywood, Ca 90046-5448pens,penncils, sharpeners and erasers

Lynn Le.Calgary, AB Canada TZB0Z2 (crayons, pens, pencils)

Pio Wijesinghe georgetown, ontario 27G-529 Canada pens,pencils and more.

J. Forrest, Dodge City, KS, Pens,mechanical pencils,markers,highliters, artist pens.

Maria V. F. Banis, Ventura, Ca, feeding program

Kate Citarell, Oyster Bay, NY pens,Mechanical pencils, Highliters, pencils

Norma Edwards Lakewood, Ca , pencils, mechanical pencils,erasers,pencil sharpeners,and more

Jennifer R. Robare Portland OR, pens,pencils,pencilets,coloers pencils,markers and so much more.

Ruth Sweeney, Cincinnati, OH, Pens,pencils, markers, colored markers, highliters, colored pencils and artist pencils.

JC HauchBCorne, Stanwood WA, Pens,pencils and school supplies

D. Balistrieri, Fennimore, Pens and pencils

Minson, Indipendence, Mo, Pens and pencils

Harris, Seattle WA, Pens and pencils

C. M. Marshallm Menlo, Ca, Pens, pencils and school supplies

Karen R. Sea, Lodi, CA, pens,pecils and school supplies

C. WhitField, Whittier Ca, Pens,& pencils

Hope Crisis Center Fairbury NE, 750 pens

HGP Beverly Hills Ca, Pens,pencils and more

Raquel Fernandez, Miami beach, FL, Pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers

Rita J. Sotu, Fairview park OH, pens,pencils,markers crayon

Itzel Y, Morales, El Paso, TX, Pens and pencils

Strauss M. Shiple, York SC,Pens, pencils and markers


Corporate donations

Zebra Pens , 480 pens & 480 Pencils ( http://www.zebrapen.com/ )

Personalized Pencils, 500 Pencils ( http://promotionalpencils.biz/)

Penwish Donation of pens ( http://penwish.com/ )

CitationAir Greenwich, CT, Donated 1 box of pens & 1 box of pencils. ( http://www.citationair.com )

Winson & Newton: ColArt American, Inc, Piccataway, N.J. 4 sets of 24 color Pencils ( www.colart.com )

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust , Oxnard California. 250 Promotional Logo pens. ( https://www.sbbt.com/personal-home.php )

Running Dawgs Productions Lancing Mi. 104 Pencils, bulk of paperback dictionaries and $100usd

“DesignDoctor” graphic Art services . http://designdoctor.tabulas.com/

DR Marketing Solutions Orlando Fl

STAPLES Office Supplies, Donated 2 $25.00 Gift Cards. http://www.staples.com/?cm_mmc=online_google-_-adwords-_-Branded%20LP%20Test-_-staples&cid=PS:SBD:GS:E:Y:B:Brand_-_General:Staples_General

Robinsons Malls Bacolod Philippines. Donated a space in there mall on April 9th, 2011 for a pen and pencil Drive. http://www.robinsonsmalls.com/

Progressive Promotions Donation of Pens http://www.progressivepromotions.com/

Affordable Call Center Service http://affordablecallcenterservices.com/main/

Ellens Screenprinting, Embroidery, Promotinal Products . S. Pasadena, California. www.ellenssilkscreening.com 250 pens

4imprint USA http://onebyone.4imprint.com . Donted 3000 pens

Sibco (Europe) Ltd
Fenton Industrial Estate
http://www.sibco.co.uk/ Donations of Pens

Abalone Graphics Ltd, Sibco House, Spedding Road, Fenton Industrial Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST4 2ST
Tel 0800 6120 332 or 07813 535433 website is:
http://www.abalonegraphics.com/ Donation of Pens


Thank you to Forex Cargo UK and USA for donating shipping to the Philippines. Please visit there site . http://www.forexcargouk.com/


Thank you to Forexworld Cargo for helping with shipping boxes to the Philippines. http://www.forexworld.us/

PEC would Like to thank National Pen  for sponsoring us with pens for the children of the Philippines. http://nationalpen.com/


(Please donate your unwanted pens,pencils, crayons, markers, office supplies or any unwanted educational or school supplies to:)

Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV U.S.A.

Land line: (805) 201-2054

(International Donations Please email Bluesbooks@Hotmail.com to request a address closer to your country.)

Please donate what you can. With a dollar we can purchase 20 pencils or 10 pens. Please donate today. Just click the paypal button. You don’t need a paypal account.