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Raising One Million Pens & Pencils To Help Students

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009




(This Page was Updated on 04/01/2018

 and will continue through March 2019)

Our annual goal is to raise 1 million pens and 1 million pencils by the end of March 2019. This will allow us to give 1 million students 1 pen & 1 pencil each.

Will you join us in achieving our goal for March 2019  One Million Pen and pencil drive ? 

 All we ask from you is to send us 1 pen & 1 pencil. It’s just that easy. If you belong to a church group, you work for a big company or just have a lot of friends or family member. Ask them if they have extra pens and pencils to donate to us.

  We are trying to do this by the end of March 2019 so we can deliver the pens and pencils to the schools before the start of school in June 2019 I know that seems far from now but I am only one person who is doing this and I must sort, count and ship to the schools. I know pens and pencils are not thought of as something special to us in the west but, to a child who has nothing and when a parent earn $3.00 to $7.00 a day, pens, pencils and school supplies are not on there priority list of things to buy for their kids. To a child pens, pencils and school supplies are a luxury

 Please even if your pens or pencils are used but still usable we can use them. Check your desk at home, work, your drawers at home. Ask you bank or the company you work for if they  have any extra pens or pencils. When you are in Church ask your preacher or the congregation to help collect pens and pencils. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please donate to us new or used pens, pencils or any unwanted educational materials that we can use to help kids in the Philippine’s achieve their dreams.

Our goal, our dream is to collect 1 million pens & 1 million pencils by the end of March  2019. If you do not wish to send a pen or pencil to us, Please click on the Donate Button  and  send a financial contribution.  A  few dollars can purchase  so many pens and pencils. Can you make this happen for us?

Please join us.

Please send your new, used, unwanted or surplus Pen’s, Pencils, or and educational or school supplies to:

Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV. 89128 U.S.A.

Land line: (805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206

If you are outside of the USA please email me for address near your country.


No Canada reps

In Europe, send donations to :

Philippine Educational Charities ( UK/Europ)

c/o Malcolm Conlan

11 Geraint Road

Bromley Kent BR1 5DU England

cell # 0044741 2143364
email is;


P.E.C.  Japan:)

No reps at this time:


Philippine Educational Charities RP

c/o Therry Alpa ( Charity Manager)

36 Mabitoan St. MASAMBONG,



Cell : 09276304541 / Land Line: (02) 9851941




Philippine Educational Charities( RP/ Negros)

c/o Mr. Roweno Gerze ( Victorias 2 receiver for PEC)

Victorisas North Elementary School

Victorias District II, Division of Negros Occidental, Quezon Extension

Victorias City, Negro’s Occidental 6119


Cell: 011-63-909593930


 In the Middle East

No reps at this time