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Happy and Thankful School Children of the Philippines

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Just a few pens and pencils make the day for the school kids in the Philippines. These photo’s represent that as something as simple as a donated new or used pen,pencils, books notebooks and more can change the lives of these children.

Hows hard is it to look in your desk at home, your work or in your child’s room and pack up your unwanted pens,pencils, crayons, books,flash card, Hooked on Phonics and more to help a child.

Please dont throw away anything like that. Think of our charity as a recycling center for these items. Remeber 1 pen or pencil can change a life for the better. Please donate today.

Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV. 89128 U.S.A

Land line: (805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206

If you are in the UK, Canada,Japan, Philippines or the Middle east, We have volunteer receivers who are able to receive  also your donations. We are not asking for money but just your unwanted school or office supplies.