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San Jose Elementary School Hagonoy West Bulacan Philippines

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Last Year I received a letter from this school requesting assistance with school supplies. 

The area had a major flood in 2011 that damaged schools, destroyed school supplies and books, Computers and More.

Class rooms flooded

Class Rooms flooded

Books, schools supplies damaged by flood


PEC is not a large organization but we still wanted to help this school and their students.


This was our first box sent out of I hope many more we will be sending.

They recived our first box.

Box opened and supplies counted


Teachers enjoying what was received

Computer tower, keybord ,mouse, books, pens,pencil and more

This school and the surrounding schools still need help with Pens,Pencils, Computers, reading, science, Math books and so much more. Please help us help these schools.

Please donate any unwanted pens,pencils, school supplies computers or more to the Bulacan  School Supply Project.
Please send your donations to:

Philippine Educational Charities

(Bulacan Project)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV. 89128 U.S.A.

(805) 201-2054

Cell: (805) 302-9206

If you are in Canada, UK, Japan,Philippines or the Middle East we do have volunteer receivers waiting to receive your donations.

Please email me for their addresses.

God Bless