Being a corporate sponsor

Would you like to be a corporate sponsor? We are looking for companies who believe in  what  we  are doing  in the Philippines and that Education can change lives.

How to become a corporate sponsor is a commitment  and  a  long term goal.

We have 5 main levels for being a corporate sponsor.


Aluminium Level: For all who would like to be a sponsor for our organization. We humbly ask for $100 or more. You will be on our web site as a donating sponsor and also be promoted on all our networking sites


Copper level: This is a level for small companies or business who like what we are doing in the Philippines who has a website we can list for the year on our website and all our networking sites. Your donation of $1000 per year is tax deductible and will be used for purchase of school supplies or shipping of supplies to the schools we need to ship to.



Silver Level:  This is for company who want to help us more. Your company website will be listed on our website for 10 years as well as all our networking sites and always being promoted. Your donation is $4500 and is tax deductible and will be used for purchase of school supplies or shipping to schools in the Philippines.


Gold Level: This is for Larger companies who want to help with larger donations and long term goals of helping  schools, teachers, and children in the Philippines. Who truly beleave that long term financial help can change lives for all children in the Philippines. We ask for $7500 or more donated per year. Your companies website will be listed on our web page for 20 years or more depending how many years you would like to to donate to our organization. You will also be promoted on all our network sites we are on.


**Platinum Level:  For all who are willing to donate $10,000 or more a year for life.  You will be on our Bord of directors and be part of our organization. Will have life time spot on our website and also on all our networking sites.**


 If you are an  international company and have ties to the Philippines  this is a great opportunity for your company to  be part of our organization and be known to support us and what we represent.


Please contact us at:


Cell:  (805) 302-9206

Laneline: (805) 201-2054

Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV, 89128 U.S.A.

Founder/ President:  Michael David Lampkin