Donate School Supplies , Checklist – Items in Need

Items Needed:

WRITING MATERIAL: New or Used Writing Pens & Pencils, Colored Pencils & Pens, Colored Markers, Chalk(All Types& Colors), Crayons, Pencil Sharpeners, Erasers, Note Books, Note Book Paper(Lined), Note Pads, White Out, Post It Notes, Printer Paper or Copy Paper( Any Color), Folders ( any types or colors),

Art Material: Water Color Paints(all colors), Tempura Paints(all colors), Paint Brushes( all sizes), Drawing Paper, Draft Paper(all colors), Any Arts And Crafts Books For Kids Grade 1 – 6, Any Arts & Crafts Kits Used or New, Clay, Play Dough, Ink & Ink pads, Fun Rubber Stamps, Glue, Rubber Cement, Models( Car, Air Craft, Any).

TEXTBOOKS: Math Books(Student books & Manuals, solution & Teachers books & Manuals, Grades 1-6), Science Books (Student books & Manuals,solution & Teachers books & Manuals,Grades 1-6), Science Projects & Fair Books, literature(Reading & English Books), Music Books ( Play , Reading & Teaching Music ) , All Types Of How To Be A Better Teacher Books, Books On How To Deal With Children with Problems Books . Encyclopedia’s(Any Year), Dictionary’s (Any Types) , World History, Computer Education ( Student & Teachers Manuals), Hooked on Phonics , Hooked on Math

FLASH CARDS: Any and all math flash cards, words,Letters, memory flash cards

BOOKS: Reading Books (Ages 3 -14), Dinosaur Books, Space, Planets, & The Universe Books, All Animal Books Any Subject, Any & All Books for Ages 3 – 14. Educational DVDs or VHS

SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Basket Ball, Soccer Balls, Soccer Safety Equipment, American Foot Balls,Baseballs or bats, Tennis Racquet’s and Tennis balls, Ball Pumps & Ball Pins, Jump ropes

MUSIC EQUIPMENT: Flutes & Chanters, Trumpets, Violins, Small and Large Keyboard’s ( Any Type)

EDUCATIONAL GAMES: Scrabble, Reading & Writing games ( Any & All Games Helping Memory, Reading, Writing, Science & Math)

COMPUTERS ( Any Computer Working or Not Working, Towers, Keyboard’s, Mouse, Computer Parts, used Memory, Educational CD or DVD Rom), Computer Books For All Ages)

SCHOOL BACKPACKS: any and all types

SCIENCE ITEMS : Microscopes ( NEW or USED), Any books on science , science projects or experiments . ( grade 1 – 6 )


Needing a full bed truck here in the USA for moving boxes to the shipping company.

Needing a Japanese Surpluse mini truck in the Philippine for moving boxes to the schools.


Please send all donations to the addreses below:

Send your donations in the USA to:

Philippine Educational Charities (Main Office, USA)

1473 Little Spring Court

Las Vegas, NV. 89128 U.S.A.

Land line: (805) 201-2054

Cell: ( 805) 302-9206



Donations for CANADA:

None At this time

In Europe, send donations to :

Philippine Educational Charities ( UK/Europ)

c/o Malcolm Conlan

11 Geraint Road

Bromley Kent BR1 5DU England

cell # 0044741 2143364
email is;


P.E.C.  Japan:)

None at this time



Philippine Educational Charities( RP/ Negros)

c/o Mr. Roweno Gerze ( Victorias 2 receiver for PEC)

Victorisas North Elementary School

Victorias District II, Division of Negros Occidental, Quezon Extension

Victorias City, Negro’s Occidental 6119


Cell: 011-63-909593930


None in the middle east


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