Our Vision

Michael and Charrie Ann Lampkin with their son.

Did you know that your small kindness can yield unimaginable results?  I know this is true.

Hello, I am Michael Lampkin, founder of Philippine Educational Charities. Did you know that many children in the Philippines cannot even afford to have a pen or a pencil for school?  Did you know that many families earn maybe $3.00 per day to live on and that schools in the Philippines are severely under funded?  The shortage of school supplies means many students must share a pen or a pencil?.  Receiving a proper education eludes many students.  Teachers eager to educate the young are faced with frustration and extreme shortages of necessary educational tools. I know that I want to help and ask you to please help as well.

I am not asking for money.  I ask you from the bottom of my heart to please join me in an incredibly easy journey.  We live in a land of plenty and much goes to waste. We take much for granted.  Teachers and children in the Philippines are sorely in need and are grateful for any new or used educational materials and supplies.  These supplies are necessary for the children to blossom and fulfill their dreams.  You can help by donating to us any new or used pens, pencils, unwanted educational materials, art supplies, and musical instruments.

To this end, I personally have been collecting and sending educational materials to select schools in the Philippines. The gratitude of the teachers and students has been overwhelming. I tell you that nothing goes to waste.  What one school may not need, it is passed to another.  Many more schools and teachers are contacting us.  This is something easy and can make a lifetime of difference.

Please join me in a true journey of charity.  Please remember that school supplies help schools and teachers achieve incredibly higher teaching results and school supplies help children to achieve their goals and dreams of a better education and a better life.  Please donate as many or as much school supplies as you can.  Remember they do not need to be new rather they need to be usable.

Please join me,

Michael Lampkin

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